Incorporating a fibreglass core yarn, Lumaview screen fabric is strong, stable and fire retardant for total peace of mind. The balanced, textured basket weave provides a clean, unobstructed view with excellent glare reduction and light control. The view-through properties of this unique fabric are enhanced with daylight and diminish as night falls. With a generous palette of colours, it’s easy to choose the perfect shade for your interior. 3 colours within the Lumaview range feature KOOLBLACK™ Technology.

Lumaview Sheer with KOOLBLACK™ Technology, offers additional energy saving benefits with minimal heat transfer through the window when using darker colours, resulting in reduced cooling costs and enhanced internal comfort. KOOLBLACK™ Technology is a patented technology engineered that is built into the PVC structure of darker sunscreen colours, offering superior heat reflective properties.

Fade Resistant
It’s a sunburnt country, so this beautiful fabric meets our stringent testing for high standards of lightfastness. Enjoy vibrant colours and brightness for years to come.
Fire Retardant
To safeguard your home and family, this Sunway fabric is treated with a state-of-the-art fire retardant solution. Enjoy total peace of mind.
Indoor Air Quality
For a fresh and healthy home, this fabric has safe levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It meets the criteria set by the Green Building Council of Australia and is a smart choice for ensuring optimal air quality.



Fabric Only

Ts Solar Transmittance (%)
Rs Solar Reflectance (%)
As Solar Absorbance (%)

Solar radiation is always partially transmitted through, absorbed or reflected by the fabric. The sum of all 3 equals 100. Ts + Rs + As = 100 % of solar energy.

Glazing and Fabric

Test data has been supplied using the following glazing types:

A – Clear single glazing (4mm float)
B – Clear double glazing (4mm float + 12mm space + 4mm float)
C – Double glazing low-e coating and argon filled (4mm float + 16mm space + 4mm float)
D – Reflective double glazing with low-e coating and argon filled (4mm + 16mm space + 4mm float)

GTOT (Range 0-1)

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), measures the window’s (fabric and glass) ability to transmit solar energy into a room. The SHGC is commonly referred to as g-tot. SHGC/ g-tot is a calculation of the g-values of the solar protection device (fabric) and the glazing (A, B, C, D). The lower the GTOT value, the greater its ability to insulate against solar heat build-up.


Fabric Only

TL Light Transmittance (%)
RL Light Reflectance (%)

Tuv Ultra Violet Transmittance (%)  zing (A, B, C, D). The lower the GTOT value, the greater its ability to insulate against solar heat build-up.

Fire Retardancy 

Roller Blind
Ideal for creating a seamless, contemporary style. Roller blinds can be raised and lowered in one smooth, easy motion to achieve your required level of shading.
Panel Glide
Panel stack neatly behind one another when open, maximising natural sunlight. When closed, they form a complete fabric screen offering versatile light control and privacy.
Roman Shade
Roman shades are a perfect modern alternative to curtains. When raised, the folds form a soft, layered effect. When lowered the folds smooth out creating a clean, panelled appearance.
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